Oasis X Web3 Loyalty Platform

10x customer retention with Oasis X next-gen loyalty. Elevate loyalty across the entire customer journey,
from activation to brand advocacy, turning customers into superfans through digital ownership.

Grow your Customer Base

Embrace web3 and digital collectibles to engage next-gen consumers, finding new audiences and building sustainable relationships, while fostering equitable value exchange.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Foster communities and transform your customers into powerful advocates by distributing digital collectibles that they can collect, earn, trade, cherish and redeem, offering a higher level of ownership and utility beyond traditional loyalty programs.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Drive recurring revenue through membership subscriptions, sell digital assets via your storefront, and earn royalties from loyalty points traded

Hassle-free integration

Effortless configuration and integration with your existing infrastructure, or as a standalone loyalty cloud compliant with regulation.

Comprehensive solution

A fully customizable loyalty program covering all effective customer engagement functionalities, with familiar log-ins for seamless, enjoyable experiences.

24/7 customer success

Expert team supporting your loyalty success through the journey

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